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Your May Homeowner Checklist

Homeowner? Party of one? Your checklist is ready!

This might be my favorite homeowner checklist of the year, and not because there’s anything fun on it like “make pickleball court in your driveway” or “start a neighborhood walk/get a neighborhood ice cream truck”

(Makes mental note to add these to next year’s checklist!)

It’s a fun list because it’s SPRING! Everyone is ready for a refresh! So open your windows, listen to the birds (or your music of choice!), and clean your heart out!

+ Deep clean floors
+ Make a “no shoes indoors” rule
+ Add natural detoxifying plants to your space
+ Replace water filters
+ Buy a fresh new shower curtain liner
+ Wipe down light bulbs and light fixtures
+ Add more natural cleaning products to your routine
+ DIY your own natural cleaning solutions
+ Buy bouquet of flowers from a local flower shop
+ Switch to dryer balls instead of dryer sheets
+ Clean air vents and replace your filter
+ Clean inside drawers and cabinets
+ Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter

Like these lists? I have the whole year of monthly checklists packaged together pretty with a *virtual* bow all ready for you! Just comment CHECKLIST below and I’ll send you your own free copy!

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