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The Best Sushi In Charleston, SC

The best sushi in Charleston!

And I’m talking REAL sushi…the real deal, not that Americanized stuff…if that’s your vibe, that’s cool, but this post is for my authentic sushi lovers!

I think I could eat sushi almost everyday…that or Italian…it’s a toss up!

Here are some of my favorites around Charleston:
167 Sushi Bar >> #1 without a doubt, THE BEST sushi in Charleston
SHIKI >> close contender, another one that has my heart 
Kanpai >> can’t be missed in Mt. Pleasant! 

Other great sushi spots around town:
Blu Oyster

What’s your fave sushi in Charleston?

Save & share for your next sushi night out!

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Assorted Nigiri at 167 Sushi Bar

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