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Downtown Charleston Living Unveiled: A Local's Guide to the Best Neighborhoods

Welcome to the heart and soul of Charleston: Downtown, where history meets modern living, and cobblestone streets tell tales of the past. In this guide, we’re diving into the very best places to live in this charming city, unlocking the doors to a lifestyle that seamlessly blends the richness of the past with the vibrancy of the present.

South of Broad: Charleston’s Crown Jewel

South of Broad is Charleston’s most storied and exclusive neighborhood. Rows of palatial antebellum mansions line East Bay and Meeting Streets, creating an epitome of southern charm. Despite its popularity with tourists, it remains a favorite among part-time second-home owners and native Charlestonians. The Median Sales Price, as of this year, is around $2.6M, making it one of the most expensive neighborhoods downtown.

Wagener Terrace: Local Living at its Finest

Formerly my home, Wagener Terrace is a charming neighborhood exuding local charm with homes dating back to the 1920s. Popular with young professionals and families, it offers a haven near restaurants and the beautiful Hampton Park. Year-to-date, the Median Sales Price in Wagener Terrace is around $800,000, making it a highly coveted yet relatively affordable neighborhood.

Hampton Park Terrace: Historic Elegance

Situated just south of the gorgeous 60-acre Hampton Park, this National Historic Register gem offers homes built from the 1910s. With its proximity to The Citadel and MUSC, it provides timeless elegance at a median sales price of $1.5M.

Cannonborough/Elliotborough: Gentrified & Buzzing

Experiencing significant gentrification, this area offers both charm and investment potential. It stands out for allowing Short Term Rentals in the designated overlay, attracting both primary buyers and investors. Year-to-date, the median sales price in this neighborhood is $915,000.

Radcliffeborough: Proximity to Prestige

Next to the Medical University of South Carolina, Radcliffeborough attracts doctors, college students, and more. Its easy walking distance to Upper King St ensures a vibrant lifestyle, with a median sales price of $925,000 this year.

Harleston Village: Diversity & Pedestrian-Friendly

Centered around Colonial Lake and Moultrie Park, Harleston Village is a lively hub for everyone. A short walk to the City Marina and King Street, it offers diversity and a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. Year-to-date, the median sales price in Harleston Village is around $1.1M.

Ansonborough: Charm Near the Harbor

Situated within a few blocks of the Harbor and Market Street, Ansonborough offers charming homes, many built post-1838. Its proximity to restaurants and shops, along with a median sales price of $870,000, makes it an attractive choice.

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