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Sullivan’s Island, a charming barrier island nestled at the entrance of Charleston Harbor, offers a unique coastal experience. Located just 10 miles from downtown Charleston, this small island is known for its pristine beaches, historic charm, and laid-back atmosphere. Sullivan’s Island is approximately 3.3 square miles in size, making it a tight-knit community with a strong sense of community. Visitors and residents can enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches, explore the historic Fort Moultrie, savor delicious seafood in local restaurants, and take in the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Charleston Harbor. With a commitment to preserving its natural beauty and historic significance, Sullivan’s Island is a beloved retreat for those seeking a relaxed, coastal lifestyle with easy access to the cultural and culinary delights of nearby Charleston.

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Location of Sullivan's Island

To access Sullivan’s Island, one typically crosses the Ben Sawyer Bridge from Mt. Pleasant, which connects the island to the mainland. This bridge provides easy and quick access for residents and visitors. The island’s location offers the perfect blend of coastal living and proximity to the historic and cultural attractions of Charleston. With pristine beaches, historic sites, and a tranquil, laid-back atmosphere, Sullivan’s Island is a beloved destination for those seeking a coastal escape with all the conveniences of nearby Charleston.

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beautiful beaches

Sullivan’s Island is renowned for its pristine, sandy beaches. With relatively fewer crowds compared to other nearby beach destinations, it offers a serene and relaxing environment for beachgoers.

Higher Costs

The cost of living on Sullivan’s Island, including real estate prices, can be relatively high. This can deter those seeking more affordable housing options.

proximity to Charleston

While it maintains a peaceful and laid-back ambiance, Sullivan’s Island is just a short drive away from the vibrant cultural and dining scenes of Charleston. Residents and visitors can easily access the city’s amenities while enjoying the island’s tranquility.


During the peak tourist season, the island can experience an influx of visitors, leading to increased traffic and crowded beaches. This may be seen as a disadvantage by those seeking a quieter, less crowded environment.

quality dining

Despite its small size, Sullivan’s Island offers some excellent dining options, from casual seafood shacks to upscale restaurants. You can savor fresh seafood and Lowcountry cuisine right on the island.

Hurricane Risks

Like many coastal areas, Sullivan’s Island is susceptible to hurricanes and flooding. The risk of hurricane-related damage and the associated costs can be a concern for some potential residents.

low-key lifestyle

Sullivan’s Island is known for its relaxed, unhurried way of life. It’s a place where residents and visitors can unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of city living.

Educational Options

The island’s schools may have limited educational options, and some residents may need to consider alternative schooling arrangements.

no short term renting

There are no short term rentals on Sullian’s Island so if you’re planning on calling this your primary residence, you won’t have to put up with your neighbor’s changing every weekend.

Beach parking

Although there are some streets that are restricted to park on, most of the parking amongst the residential streets and beachfront homes is allowed so be prepared to have the college kids, locals, & tourists parking in your front yard to access the beach.


Everything you need to know about our public schools can be found on the website.

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Places of Interest

Sullivan’s Island, located near Charleston, South Carolina, offers a range of places of interest for residents and visitors to explore. Here are some notable attractions on the island:

The island is famous for its beautiful beaches with wide stretches of sand, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and beachcombing. The family-friendly beaches provide ample space for relaxation and water activities.

This historic site, part of the Fort Sumter National Monument, offers insight into Sullivan’s Island’s role in American history. Explore the fort’s various time periods, from the American Revolution through World War II.

While the lighthouse itself is not open to the public, you can admire its exterior and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding area. The lighthouse is an iconic symbol of Sullivan’s Island.

Learn more about the island’s history at this small but informative museum, which features exhibits and artifacts related to the island’s past.

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