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King BBQ: Where Chinese BBQ Meets Southern Soul in North Charleston

North Charleston has a sizzling addition to its culinary scene, and it’s the talk of the town. King BBQ, a Chinese BBQ joint with a Southern twist, has quickly become the hottest spot for food enthusiasts. Let’s explore what makes this restaurant stand out and why it’s a must-visit in the heart of North Charleston.

Shrimp Toast Sliders

The Fusion Experience: King BBQ brings a unique fusion of flavors to the table, showcasing the culinary prowess of Chinese BBQ complemented by a Southern flair. Picture Chinese BBQ fused with the unmistakable charm of Southern dishes. It’s an experience like no other in the Greater Charleston area.

BBQ Fried Rice w/ BBQ Ranch

Here’s what we had: Shrimp Toast Sliders, Disco Fries, 5 Spice Rotisserie Duck Breast, BBQ Fried Rice w/ BBQ Ranch, & Cha Shao Spare Ribs – these dishes are a testament to King BBQ’s innovative menu. Everything was DELICIOUS and I would order them all again. Especially the Shrimp Toast Sliders…like whoa. I was going back and forth between those and the Krab Rangoon’s and the bartender recommended the sliders…and they did not disappoint. The flavor was phenomenal. The Disco Fries were also mind blowing and although I don’t typically order something like this…I highly recommend that you do! The Duck was incredible…I always love getting Duck at Chinese inspired restaurants – they do it the best. And the Ribs…they’re up there with Lewis BBQ. Oh, and the Rice, let’s not forget the rice. You can’t really mess up fried rice I don’t think but that BBQ Ranch on top…whole new level. FIRE and I must go back and try everything else now. But are we all shocked considering their sister, Jackrabbit Filly is nothing short of stellar? We knew she was going to be a hit! 

Disco Fries

Location and Hours: Situated at 2029 Carver Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405, King BBQ welcomes guests for lunch and dinner Thursday-Sunday, 11am-9pm. Take advantage of their Golden Hour with $4 snacks and $6, 4pm-5pm.

Seating Options: Whether you prefer a full-service experience at the bar or a more relaxed setting inside or outside, King BBQ caters to your dining style. Simply grab a menu, place your order, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere as you await your mouthwatering meal. We opted to sit at the bar, as we typically do, and they provide a full service menu there; otherwise, you order from the counter, take a seat inside or outside, and then enjoy your meal!

Cha Shao Spare Ribs

King BBQ is a culinary journey that harmonizes Chinese BBQ with the warmth of Southern hospitality. If you’re on the lookout for a dining experience that transcends the ordinary, head to North Charleston’s latest gem. Unwind, savor, and immerse yourself in the bold flavors of King BBQ.

Don’t miss out on the latest culinary buzz in North Charleston! Explore the fusion of flavors at King BBQ for a dining adventure like never before.

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5 Spice Rotisserie Duck Breast

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