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Johns Island, South Carolina’s sprawling gem, buzzes with life from its diverse wildlife to its lush landscapes. Not too far from the heart of Charleston, this island is catching the eyes of many, blending its serene beauty with modern neighborhoods and a vibrant dining scene. For those looking to invest a bit more, spacious properties offering water access or equestrian amenities await. Plus, it’s your direct route to the renowned Kiawah and Seabrook Islands.

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Location of Johns Island

Johns Island is situated to the southwest of Charleston, South Carolina, and is separated from the mainland by the Stono River. It’s one of the Sea Islands and is bordered by the Wadmalaw, Seabrook, Kiawah, Edisto, Folly, and James islands. The main connecting route to Charleston and the other islands is Maybank Highway (State Road S-10-20), which runs across the Stono River Bridge.

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natural beauty

Johns Island boasts sprawling landscapes, majestic oak trees (including the famous Angel Oak), and scenic waterways that offer a serene, rural atmosphere amidst the rapidly growing Charleston area.

rapid development

The surge in new developments has led to concerns about overdevelopment and the loss of the island’s natural charm and open spaces.

proximity to Charleston

While it provides an escape from the hustle and bustle, Johns Island is just a short drive from the heart of historic Charleston, offering a perfect blend of city convenience and country living.

traffic & infrastructure

As the island’s population grows, so do the traffic challenges. Some locals feel the infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with the development, leading to congested roads, especially during rush hours.

spacious properties

The island has a variety of properties, many of which offer larger lots compared to other parts of Charleston. This attracts those wanting more space and perhaps a touch of farming or equestrian activities.

remote feel

While many move to Johns Island for its serenity and distance from urban hustle, others might feel it’s too removed from the heart of Charleston and its amenities.

beach proximity

Johns Island is a short drive away from some of Charleston’s most beloved beaches, making it a desirable location for beach lovers – Kiawah & Seabrook.

limited amenities

Compared to more urban areas, Johns Island might not have as diverse a range of shops, restaurants, or entertainment options. While this is changing with growth, it’s still a consideration for some.

growth and development

While Johns Island maintains its rustic charm, there’s been a surge in new developments, schools, and businesses that offer residents modern conveniences without having to leave the island.

flooding issues

Like many parts of the Charleston area, parts of Johns Island are susceptible to flooding, especially during heavy rain events or high tides.


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Public, PK, K-5 | 640 students

Public, PK, K-5 | 249 students

Public, 6-8 | 498 students

Public, 9-12 | 377 students

Private school
329 Students
Grades PK-12

Places of Interest

Johns Island, with its rich history and natural beauty, offers a range of activities and sights for both residents and visitors. Here are some things to do and see on Johns Island:

This ancient Southern live oak is believed to be around 400-500 years old and stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur. It’s a must-visit and offers a unique photo opportunity.

A vast expanse of greenery ideal for picnics, walking, bird watching, and horseback riding.

With its proximity to various water bodies, Johns Island is an excellent place for boating, kayaking, and other water sports.

A local market where you can purchase fresh produce, artisanal goods, and get a taste of local culture.

Situated at the foot of the Limehouse Bridge, Stono River County Park offers beautiful Lowcountry river views from 1.5 miles of wooded trails and marsh boardwalks for walkers, runners, and cyclists. The 85.5-acre site is comprised of 25.3 acres of highland, 12.2 acres of marsh island, and 48 acres of marsh adjoining the Stono River. Just under the viaduct and across Main Road is the trailhead for the West Ashley Greenway.

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